We all should be feminists - celebrating IWD

“We all should be feminists” says a much talked about slogan on T-shirts of Dior S/S 2017 collection designed by the very first female Creative Director of the fashion house, Maria Grazia Chiuri. If only Clara Zetkin, a leader of the 'Women's Office' for the Social Democratic Party’ in Germany in the beginning of the XX century and the pitcher of the International Women’s Day idea would be able to see the collection and everything we, women have achieved ever since she tabled the idea of IWD, she’d be very surprised and dare we say proud. Yet in the light of latest political and social events it’s clear that the modern world is far from perfect and the female stride for rights and equality only begins.


Our great-grandmothers put a start to a major change but who knows how many generations further from now the actual equality of rights will be achieved. Nowadays we, women still fight discrimination and harassment at work, social injustice, political assaults and neglect, violence at home, and on and on this list goes. The battle is tough but we also are the lucky to already achieve so much and to flourish on what has been done for us by the generations before.   So this year’s celebration of the International Women’s Day is as never important and festive. Let’s show the world that future is female and that we are going to dance into it conquering everything and everyone on our way! Let’s celebrate, let’s remember our uniqueness, our beauty, our strength, our wisdom, our power, our gentleness!


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We all should be feminists and celebrate the International Women’s Day! Let’s start right away!