Chiara Ferragni at Coachella 2015 in centarus ring

Vanessa Mooney designer to take to Coachella 2015

Packing for Coachella can be a challenge. One thing you need to take with you for sure is jewelry, a lot of jewelry. And bohemian with a “model-of-duty” touch jewelry by L.A. designer Vanessa Mooney is far the best choice for Coachella 2015. The world’s most known fashion blogger Chiara from the Blonde Salad is a stylish proof. On the photo below is Chiara Ferragni in Vanessa Mooney’s the Centarus ring.


The desert heat mixed with the coolest music and the fashion cat-walk of a sort can be a brain wreck when it comes to pulling off an outfit. Our tip is to embrace the situation and accessorize the maximum you can. L.A. born and raised self-taught jewelry designer Vanessa Mooney is a person to provide you with the most awesome jewelry pieces for your Coachella 2015 get-away.


Born in 1980, Vanessa Mooney is a rare breed of a Hollywood rebel, harnessing a unique look and attitude, which transcends into her distinctive accessories line.  The great-granddaughter of Harry Warner (one of the original Warner Bros.) has been infatuated with the freedom that art provides and obsessed with all forms of art, music and fashion, her entire life.
A keen traveller Mooney seeks her inspiration everywhere which results in a boho-chic with an edgy vibe jewelry line loved and worn by many celebrities and fashion bloggers.  


So stock on Vanessa Mooney best jewelry pieces, and pack your bags – Coachella 2015 weekend 2 is waiting!