Valentine's Day Jewellery Gifts Edit

Cupid knows where to get the most memorable and dear to heart St. Valentine's jewellery gifts. He has a (not so) secret address, a place he heads to when he needs to surprise her with a special ring, a wonderful pair of earrings, a delicate bracelet or a stylish necklace - with a jewellery piece that says LOVE more than any words could say. Being Cupid's best supplier, we present each year a fabulous Valentine's Day gift edit. And this year is of no exception. We made a round up of most spectacular jewellery celebrating the purest of feelings with a dash of fantasy and flowers, of course.


And, as a sign of our love, we promise to wrap each and every gift by hand in the most darling way! 
Enjoy our St. Valentine's Edit (below) and let the jewellery serve her the answer to the very important question.


  1. Ariel Gordon Heart Silhouette ring
  2. Samantha Wills Autumn Silence earrings
  3. Laurie Fleming Emerald ring
  4. Shlomit Ofir Two Orchids Curvy bracelet
  5. Tres Jewellery Saturn ring with rubies and natural opal
  6. Holst+Lee Blazing Bonfire necklace
  7. Lionette NY Emanuelle earrings
  8. Lennebelle Petites You Are My Shining Star bracelet
  9. Tulola Garuda stud earrings 
  10. Tres Jewellery Smoky quartz necklace
  11. Lionette NY Dillen earrings in Pink
  12. Tres Jewellery Constellation silver necklace with amethyst 
  13. Daniel Espinosa Reflections Ball statement golden ring  
  14. Tulola Double Pearl bangle gold
  15. Tres Jewellery the Northern Light ring with natural opal and topaz