Tres Jewellery fine jewelry collection

Preview: First Très Jewellery collection - jewellery for every woman

We are incredibly proud to announce launching of a very first Très Jewellery in house collection in collaboration with a Dutch jewellery brand Lennebelle. We stayed true to our believes and values and created a line where every jewellery piece is unique and handcrafted. The collection is a synergy of nonchalant and timeless where smart seduction is as a central point. Eight delicate necklaces, five bracelets and two pair of earrings all handcrafted from certified sterling silver, certified 18k gold-plated silver and gemstones compose our fine jewellery line. We took all time classics and added a sexy twist resulting into young playful yet elegant jewellery pieces to live in and layer. 

The simple beauty of the design makes any piece from Très Jewellery collection a perfect Christmas gift for every woman.


The Très Jewellery line will be available online from November 23rd. However you can already shop it at our partner boutique Gypsetters, located in Rotterdam at Botersloot 40A, 3011HH.