How to style a white t-shirt

How to style a white tshirt

White t-shirt is the easiest item to wear in spring, summer HERE ARE OUR TRICKS FOR POWERFUL STYLING of this most versatile clothing piece.


Every woman is different and that's the secret of our unique beauty. There are as many styles as women on the planet. However it's easy to suggest that there is one thing we all have in common, or better to say in our closets - a white T-shirt. It's a universally versatile clothing pieces which an go from day to night, from work to cocktail drinks. We like the simplicity of it and at the same time its crisp clean look. Here our editors give their professional tips on how to style a white T-shirt - jewelry is the key.


  • Delicate necklace can make your look super feminine & sexy;
  • Don't be afraid to pair a few statement pieces (especially earrings with necklaces);
  • Draw attention to your beautiful decollete with a few layers of necklaces;
  • Put a pair of powerful and bright earrings on;
  • Inject some spark with crystal necklaces;
  • Layer, layer & layer your necklaces

Enjoy your spring & play with a white T-shirt together with Très Jewellery!