Gouden accenten

Once it was said that nothing livens up an outfit as accessories. Who said it and when is forgotten by now. But the wit of that expression will always be remembered. 


When styling a look you can change the whole outfit, the whole message which it brings by throwing on a pair of nice shoes or a stunning statement necklace. However it is quite often a rocket science how to pick a right accessory, especially when it comes to jewellery. It's a common knowledge that a cocktail ring is a statement-maker, an eye-catcher, THAT piece which will transform your day outfit to a night look. But how to choose the right cocktail ring is another question.


When it comes to the first steps in buying jewellery we always advise to opt for classics. Think about what you’d wear most often – a necklace, a ring, a pair of earrings or a bracelet. Then “try on” in your mind a few pieces in different styles and decide which one suites you best. Remember however that minimalist designs in gold or silver are the universal pieces to go. One bracelet will upgrade an office look to an unforgettable outfit (for example Two Orchids Curvy Bracelet in Gold or Two Orchids Curvy Bracelet in Silver). One cocktail ring will add juzz and character transforming your day dress to a gorgeous night gown (our pick is an Origami Cocktail Ring by Shlomit Ofir).


On the photo: Origami Ring in Gold and Two Orchids Curvy Bracelet in Gold.


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