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FloortjeLoves blog for Tres Jewellery - Guest Post

We are excited to present a first post in our new segment "Guest post" written by a talented Dutch fashion blogger and web influencer Floortje van Cooten from the popular Floortje Loves fashion blog.  We asked Floortje to talk on our favorite topic - jewellery of course!


Isn’t jewellery one of the most beautiful gifts we have? For me it is something magical. As a kid I was already sneaking into my mom’s jewellery box to see what she has got. Trying on rings that were way too big, or holding earrings next to my face as I hadn’t had the earring holes yet – I’ve got them very late, when I was around 12 years old. Or, the first time I have got a golden ring with a small ladybug on top. These memories are the ones that I cherish the most.


Now, when I am more grown up, I appreciate jewellery even more. I know what it is worth and during the years I have got some special items myself, with each a special memory behind. From graduation gifts, to relation- / family gifts. They all have got a special place in my heart. Might sounds cheesy, I know, but in some way I feel connected with a piece of silver and gold. Needless to say that minerals has special effects on the body and mind. They can give love, health and happiness and, as long as you believe in it, it will be even more special to wear them.


My favourite metal is gold. It is the prettiest on my skin and especially when having a summer glow, I do like to wear it everywhere. From big necklaces to small anklets. But also, a mix between silver and gold is my favourite. It makes it less expensive and wearable for any occasion.  For this summer, I like to wear big statement earrings in silver and gold, or hand made bracelets from minerals, with lovely stories behind. Stories about travelling, religion and faith. There is so much beauty in this world and with every piece of jewellery, we add a little bit of magic to it. 


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