De wereld van prachtige tassen van Anya Sushko

At Très Jewellery we value incredibly brands that offer their customers the utmost quality, original design and one of a kind products which give every woman a well-deserved feeling of uniqueness. We made it our goal to search throughout the world and choose the most beautiful and special products for our clients. And although we are specializing in jewellery (at the moment) we also keep our eyes open for other unique products and brands.

Today we are happy to introduce you to a very talented Central St Martin’s graduate and a rising star in the world of bags design; Anya Sushko. The designer specializes in luxury as well as bespoke handbags and small leather goods. The brand was founded in 2008 by the former Alexander McQueen couture assistant Anna Sushko, whose excellent eye for details and a deep understanding of craftsmanship techniques won her numerous fashion nominations and awards. Keeping true to her brand’s ethos, Anna is involved in the entire creation process – from idea conception to the last finishing touches of every bag. Each one of Anya Sushko’s handbags is handcrafted in her London studio, using the finest materials and resulting in an unmatched attention to detail. The handbags stand out due to their quality, striking shapes and carefully placed details, designed to be as practical as they are beautiful. You can tell an Anya Sushko handbag by not only seeing it but by feeling its details too.

Inspired by the surrounding world – the dynamics of life in London, nature, the human body, architecture, Anya creates for women who value high quality, have their own sense of style and know what they want and how to get it. The designer’s broad experience in bespoke accessories and an excellent understanding of women’s needs and demands resulted in an envy-worthy bags and accessories line.

We caught up with Anya after she launched her new collection (watch behind the scene video) and asked her a couple of questions. That’s what we found out about the very talented designer:


Establishing of Anya Sushko brand

Anya’s flair for the creative arts dates back to her childhood. Anya had always had the drive to create & develop a brand but knew she needed the right experience to make it happen. She graduated from Central St Martin’s in London, where she exposed herself to a variety of subject before deciding what is right for her. Realising that fashion is her true passion and following her degree, Anya wanted to  gain experience in the industry as she felt nothing builds you up as a person like hard work, discipline & passion. Her determination led her to Alexander McQueen’s London studio where she had the privilege of assisting on two of his couture collections, shown during Paris Fashion Week in 2006.
Not long after graduating from university, she rented a small studio space in Islington, London and started working on her AW2009 debut collection. Her determination kept her going, especially at times when there was a lot more than just designing to think about – like the legal and commercial aspects of running a business


Who’s Anya?

Born and raised in Riga, the beautiful capital of Latvia, Anya from an early age pursued arts and had a drive to go as far as possible in life.
In 2001, Anya moved to London as she felt I would have more opportunities to fulfill her potential. She was accepted at Central Saint Martins’s College of Art and Design in London for Foundation year where she had chance to learn about Fine Art, Fashion, Textile, Graphic design. Later, Anya realized that Fashion is her true calling and therefore made a decision to continue studying at London College of Fashion, focusing on accessories and specializing in handbag design & creation.


Life as inspiration

Anya’s inspiration comes from life – the city where she lives, nature, the human body as well as architecture which has had a profound impact on her early work – the Chic and Shape collection is a tribute to the Art Deco period, one of Anya’s favourite ones.

Anya counts the success of others as something that influences her strongly too - stories about strong men and women who achieve a lot, against the odds.


Exciting future

Anya is very excited about the brand’s collaboration with Sales Servant. Earlier this summer, she attended Independent Handbag Awards ceremony in NYC, where the brand was shortlisted amongst 5,000 designers worldwide. There are a few exciting collaborations lined up for later on this year – keep an eye on Anya Sushko’s blog for more details. Future plans include concentrating on affordable line of bags, as well as designing smaller leather goods, such as wallets & make-up bags. Watch this space, we have just launched the Collection 2015 and the newest Berry collection is due to launch later this summer. Anya’s goal is to make Anya Sushko accessible to everyone who values great quality & handmade craftsmanship.


And finally Anya's style advice for the coming season?

Stay true to yourself. Invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Don’t be afraid to experiment, accessories are the  best place to start. Bright colour can liven up any outfit, try injecting colours in your outfits and see how much better you will feel!


Bags to splurge on

•             The Karolina – available in Maxi, Mini and Standard size (visit Anya's website for exact measurements and details This super elegant bag is designed to easily make the transition between day and night bag – it fits all but it’s still compact. It features the subtle front zip pocket, embossed with Anya Sushko’s logo, to help keep your essentials well organised and at an arm’s length. The hand-finished straps are sturdy and beautifully made, speaking of the craftsmanship that has gone into making this bag. Perfect for office supremos, its carefully constructed pockets allow for meticulous organisation skills. Sharp and structured, this is a handbag perfect for women who mean business and like to take an elegant approach.  Available on bespoke commissions. Visit

•             Modern Extravaganza – one of Anya’s very first and most distinctive handbags. Lady-like, bold and the right amount of avant-garde, it features signature Anya Sushko elements such as the central lock and cut-out flap. The hand-finished handle is a real stand-out, with its thick stitches, loops and metal fittings base. The perfect day bag, each one of its pockets has been carefully placed to help to keep your essentials easy to organise during the longest of days. The perfect statement handbag for women who are not afraid to work and to play hard, reinterpreted in powder pink & feminine taupe. Available on bespoke commissions. Visit


We are sure that it’s just a matter of time till Anya’s uber stylish bags will earn a status of “IT”.  Hold on tightly ladies to your Any Sushko’s bags because with a bag like this the world is easy to be conquered.

We are excited to announce that we are planning a designer collaboration with Anya! So stay tuned– more details coming soon.