Ariel Gordon jewelry via Tres Jewellery

On changes and unchangeable in Fashion

It’s impressive how much adaptation is going on in fashion right now. It adapts to the accelerated pace of constant demand, it adapts to the new standards and norms (take a recent decision of Giorgio Armani on no fur policy in his collections), it adapts to the blurred boundaries of the both digital and globetrotting world. Fashion as a notion slowly but steadily changes its own concept and core. That, without a doubt makes it a peculiar time to live in for all at least a bit interested in fashion.


However along with a change there is an unmistakable appreciation of the true values within the industry. Designers experience nostalgia for past decades. Consumers long for uniqueness which may explain high popularity of vintage. We seek for stability and hence durability of the products we buy. Obviously there is a question of “trend” in a collection sent down a runaway every season. But it’s safe to say that every brand builds its collection on an unshakable foundation of classical basics. So season after season we see a “come-back” of a crispy white shirt, cigarette trousers, a hourglass dress, a trench-coat, and so on. A desire for a timeless high quality piece which yet expresses a personality of its owner is profound.


Jewellery hasn’t been an exception. Brands like Ariel Gordon, Lennebelle, Daniel Espinosa, or Tulola offering a modern take on classic fine jewellery experience a huge success. The demand for these jewellery lines is growing quick. The amount of their celebrity fans has reached triple digits. Those brands and alike offer permanency in time. Their designs never feel outdated. That jewellery pieces are beyond trends as they are a part of our style.